Studio Q Architecture Expands Its Local Social Responsibility Initiatives

Waterbury Based Studio Q Architecture Expands Its Local Social Responsibility Initiatives

“Do Well by Doing Good” -Ben Franklin

A local Waterbury architecture practice is expanding its social responsibility programs and remains steadfast in its commitment to both the Waterbury Area Community and the greater CT region.  In late 2023, in addition to their current support programs, they launched their annual scholarship program, offering tuition compensation awards up to $5,000 toward the education, skilled training and betterment of local students dedicated to the future of the community.
Scoring and awards to the applicants were based on merit, work ethic, financial need, and the commitment and intentions for long term residency in the City and Towns contiguous to Waterbury. The firm interviewed shortlisted candidates in November and recently awarded winners with funds intended to be used toward the following academic semester in 2024.  Interviews and awards are intended to begin a more long term relationship with local talent regardless of major, mentoring, supporting, and influencing their upward trajectory over time. While the scholarship is not aimed to directly support the profession, instead, it's another way for the earnings, philosophy, and professionalism of the architectural community to benefit and influence the future growth of the City and its residents.
Recently the firm announced this year’s winners of the Studio Q Architecture Annual Scholarship fund!  Melissa Cuello who lives in Waterbury's north end is a Psychology major at the University of New
Haven and Damien Josephson from the town plot section is an Architecture major at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  The awarded candidates both stood out as vested to the greater Waterbury area and showed a formidable work ethnic and strong potential in their respective fields of study during the application and interview process.

More on Studio Q’s expanding social responsibilities initiatives can be found

Pictured from left to right are;
Sarah Perez, Basel Algahmi, Ryan Ducki, Melissa Cuello, Damien Josephson, Ronald Quicquaro and
Ashley Foley.  (all are members of the firm with the exception of the winning candidates)