Employee Spotlight: Basel Algahmi

Studio Q is excited to introduce one of its newest employees! Basel Algahmi, who comes to us with varied experience including a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Hartford.

Originally born in Yemen, Basel has enjoyed his new life and career in the states for nearly 20 years. Married for 11 years with 3 children, Jenna, the newest addition to the family born in June, is sleeping through the night and adjusting to the busy family life. In addition to being Passionate about his Faith and Family, Basel shares a deep appreciation for Islamic Architecture and the basis for  the ideals around which its timeless character is based. In his free time, outside of his profession as an architect and running the family retail business, Basel likes to play soccer, swim, ride his motorcycle, hike, camp and enjoy the outdoors. He eats clean and finds veggies and salmon an indulgence……but occasionally allows ice cream into his diet. A graduate of the University of Hartford, someday Basel hopes to one day practice Architecture in the Middle East and bring the learning of his US based-Studio Q experience to benefit the region.

“Over the summer I was able to explore Egypt and visit places like The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and the old market of Khan El-Khalili. I was also able to visit Khalifa Salah Al-Den Al-Ayobi’s Castle which is a preserved historic site which included both mosques and museum. I was able to experience many of the architectural sites Egypt had to offer and had so much fun”- Basel

(travel photos © Basel Algahmi)