Architectural Reasons to Travel – with pictures!

by Molly Straut

In this Months travels: Iceland & Scotland


Edinburgh Castle

Located on a volcanic plug known as Castle Rock in the middle of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle looks out over the entirety of Edinburgh giving you a beautiful view of the city (on the rare days when Scotland doesn’t look like a scene from The Fog.) Although the Castle has been known to be there since the 12th century, human occupation of Castle Rock can be dated back to the Iron Age. The expansive fortress is a must see on a journey to Scotland.

The Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport

One of the many great works of the late Zaha Hadid, the Glasgow Museum of Transport was like a journey through a neon green tunnel of transportation history, bringing you from the entrance on the city side to the riverside pictured here. While the architecture is enough to engage you, anyone with an interest in cars will find this museum a must.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Among one of the many gems of Glasgow is the botanical gardens that I had the pleasure of walking through everyday of my trip. Most famously among the gardens is Kibble palace. Originally design by John Boucher and James Cousland and then moved and arranged by John Kibble. The white wrought iron framed glass structure encasing the expansive plant collection is truly a sight to be seen.


The Harpa

A notion to the glacial skyline and beauty of the northern lights, The Harpa’s facade is composed of layered glass prisms overlooking the Reykjavik coast and city. Unlike any other building I’ve experienced before, the concert hall was my favorite stop during my time in Iceland. Sharp angles and intricate textures come together to create this iconic and modern Icelandic landmark while still paying homage to the natural and traditional nature of the city of Reykjavik.


Definitely not a name you can say three times fact, this beautiful church stands at the center of Reykjavik and is the city’s most recognizable landmark. Taking over 40 years to build, the structure is among the highest in Iceland and the view from the top mirrors that of the Harpa.

The Landscape

And lastly, never forget that there is also beauty in the lack of architecture in the places that remain untouched by human construction.