United Bank Corporate Headquarters

Corporate, Retail & Hospitality

Project Type: Interior Renovation

Project Location: Hartford, CT

Project Size: 85000 SQ FT

Project Cost: $10 Million

Project Description:

After many years of growth and acquisitions, United Financial Bancorp Inc. (“UB”), looked to merge multiple offices in Connecticut into one Corporate Headquarters.  Executives chose Hartford as its new center of business on floors 20-26 at Goodwin Square. Chosen based on the design opportunities and the potential to address several of UB’s over-arching goals, UB expected the design to address the following; as it looks to successive growth toward its future, while consolidating multiple departments.

  • Hospitality – UB looked to Hartford to meet with and attract its current and potential clients and customers while showcasing its presence within the City of Hartford.
  • Consolidation and Connection – UB’s philosophy in the organization of its structure is to connect all departments and blend their disciplines to work together in a collaborative setting.
  • Blending an Intergenerational Workforce – UB understands that its growth is not only based on its  senior staff, but also its diverse generation X, and millennial workforce demographic.
  • Showcase Past and Current Success – UB was named to FORTUNE’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2017.  The Hartford Based Headquarters needed to combine a bold, contemporary aesthetic to  capture UB’s Progressive Corporate character.
    The plank ceiling and floor wave patterning were used to connect multiple departments on 5 floors.  The aesthetic offers the ability to maximize ceiling height and create an identifiable characteristic with an interdepartmental flow.

The reception,  drives natural light into interior spaces and utilizes the floor wave as a means to focus the space to the exterior Balcony.   Views down to Bushnell Park afford the opportunity to host  gatherings, flowing from indoor to outdoor space.

Multiple opportunities to blend an Intergenerational Workforce were created through collaborative workpoints and co-creation  spaces. Several “plaza” environments were planned where staff can work alone or, in an informal group setting.