Gaffney Place Housing

Multi-family Housing

Project Type: Interior and Exterior Renovation

Project Location: Gaffney Place Waterbury, CT

Project Size: 12 Units

Project Cost: $4.5 Million

Project Description:

Originally designed to accommodate horses and carriages before autos prevailed, Gaffney Place was named after John William Gaffney, Waterbury’s celebrated developer from 1853- 1923.  Located in

Waterbury’s Historic Hillside Neighborhood North of the Green, Gaffney Place was home to some of Waterbury’s finest examples of the Queen Anne style of Architecture.

Over the years, as the city matured, and carriage drawn roads gave way to modern utilities and autos, Gaffney Place fell into disrepair. It’s finite details, encapsulated by layers of aluminum and asphalt re-siding efforts, its once quaint brick paved porch fronted street scape replaced by a one-way asphalt street lined with parked cars and paved sidewalks.

Developed by Neighbor-works New Horizon’s and made possible by an initial grant from the Harold-Webster Smith Foundation, the design team, after much study of the Queen Anne style, unearthed an Historic Neighborhood while reconstructing the Gaffney’s Main Vehicular Corridor to a Residential Shared Street.  Sidewalks and asphalt gave way to street furniture, spherical bollards, planters and brick paving patterns defining an open space or “linear courtyard” between each homes’ façade, serving as a shared front yard.  The plan subtly delineates the traveled way from the pedestrian areas in a shared space for all.

One structure was raised and reconstructed after painstaking study of the original, the remaining structures were restored to ultimately yield 5 separate homes each with a 3 bedroom townhouse over a 2-bedroom flat, for a total renovation of 13,236 sq ft.