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A firm founded around the focus of design excellence coupled with
a detailed, service-oriented mindset.

“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

about studio q

Culture founded on collaboration and forged by a demanding, engaging, and iterative design process.

Studio Q Architecture is a group of design professionals equipped with diverse and balanced skill sets, working under leadership built on numerous years of experience within the context of award winning national and regional design firms. Our culture is one founded on collaboration and forged by a demanding, engaging, and iterative design process. The quality of our work and the success of both the group as a whole, as well as of each of us as individuals, is vastly improved when we practice less as a firm of architects but as a studio of design professionals.

Our Work

Retail & Hospitality

We work hard to be aware of current trends in retail while striving to set them. Our work builds on the excitement and tone of the sales our spaces facilitate.


The design of our healing and health rehabilitation environments are based on our compassionate vision and appreciation of our surroundings and its impact on our well being.

Multi Family Housing

We develop dwellings with individuality and a sense of security, with connections to both the local and neighboring communities. Our housing is designed with practical, timeless interiors that are considerate of how individuals and families live today.


The process of learning is a unique experience for each student. We strive to understand the culture of the educational institutions we serve, and develop spaces and structures that are inviting and inspiring for both students and educators.


Regardless of your market based goals, our work spaces meet the design standard of large corporations while incorporating innovation and flexibility to increase your return on investment


With a comprehensive understanding of both the physical and demographic context in which we work, we look for opportunities to articulate design strategies that improve the built environment now, and allow for flexibility and future growth.

Our work focuses around three principles – quality of design, quality of service, and a strong client relationship.

Driven by the common goal to improve our work, process, and the environment our design work will impact.

Our passion for design excellence and service quality is just a part of our commitment to our local and regional communities. As part of a push to develop as an organization and as contributing individuals in our communities, there are 3 initiatives that which we strive to integrate into our work:

  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable design
  • Historic architecture stewardship

  • Architecture

  • Planning & Design

  • Design/Build

  • Interior Design

  • Sustainable Design